DIY Green Business Cards

Yes we agree, the tradition of handing out business cards is dying, and we are quickly moving towards the age of hashtags and social media. So while deciding on business cards, we were in a fix – to get them printed or not?

I am a hoarder when it comes to grocery bags. Everytime it hurts when I have to put one in the recycle bin, as even when we recycle, it still adds to the global warming. I usually carry my own bags to grocery stores, but as my friends would vouch, I am a forgetful person, and sometimes I forget to carry one. So here I was, with a pile of brown bags in my pantry, with no intention of collecting them.

Well guess what! My husband, who shares my love for food and nature, decided to put these bags to good use. And the results was these wonderful business cards, made out of recycled grocery bags. Whole Foods bags just became my business cards. Love my name on them!!!